Self-Investment & The Design Academy Review

Self-Investment & The Design Academy Review

Background + About Me
In 2016 I built my first website. It was a travel blog that chronicled my adventures & travels as a recent college grad. The entire site upkeep became a hobby & I’d even landed a paid gig to blog about an experience.

As I googled how to do more advanced things I realized the people that I was getting advice from got paid to create websites and design for businesses. Coincidentally shortly after people started asking me to create websites for them.

Soon after, I enrolled in courses to help learn what I felt I needed to know. Most of these courses were either too slow paced for me or weren’t exactly the information I was seeking. For a while I stopped out of frustration.

Flash forward to a year later when I finished my yoga teacher training & realized I am not the kind of person who can deal with a 9-5 I hate and then teach yoga from a happy place. I wanted my entire day to be filled with ways that I could make money, use my creative side, help other people + support myself. I also knew that I wanted a career I could travel and move about as I please. So I decided to step my game up slowly but surely.

I started to gain more confidence with every business interaction (and failed interaction) and I started to reject my habit of procrastinating when I’m afraid to fail or make something that isn’t as good as I’d like.
So I began the journey of making more websites, learning graphic design, reading, failing, and ...investing.

My Determining Factor For choosing Mias Workshop

Sometimes you simply don’t know what you don’t know. However, after 2 years I was finally out of that phase — I knew what I needed to know and I wanted it all in one place. I’m the type of person that can get information one time and run with it so I knew when I saw Mia’s workshop that I needed to go.

The determining factors for me?

  • Learning from someone who looked like me

    (seeing is believing. Seeing someone around my age run a successful business helped me to reject any fears that it can’t be done)

  • I wanted to learn from a seasoned professional for an affordable price
    The master class was $795 and compared to college tuition?! This is a much cheaper and quicker option for me. We are in the digital age! I believe in moving smarter not harder. I personally would rather pay to learn or better my skill and move on. It’s that simple.

  • I needed help with my process.
    One part of business that kept me procrasinating was admin work.

    i.e. client intake, contracts, passive income, general design rules, and so much more. I have nothing eloquent to say about this - it’s my biggest hang up and I was just ready to get it together & give my clients a more professional process.

  • Networking
    I wanted to meet a community of like minded professionals that are about design, community, making money and sharing resources!

    DOUBTS + FEARS + $

    I’ll be honest! I didn’t know how I was going to pay for this workshop. But that never stopped me before, when I want something I want it & if I have to eat noodles to get it that’s what it is! Self investment + sacrifice on the front end always pays off on the back end!

    So I put my deposit down for the workshop and I booked a trip on the megabus to go to Atlanta. (I also had to tell myself baby girl you are NOT to good for the megabus — do you want it or not?!)

    The Day of the Workshop

    Once I got to Atlanta & got to the location of the workshop I felt at home because the space was beautiful. Literally beautiful. Beautiful spaces + environments inspire me and make me want better so this was a plus. We introduced ourselves & the vibe was good. Everyone was there to upgrade their business in some form or fashion. There weren’t just designers either. There were photographers and women who wanted to upgrade their design skills for their personal businesses.
    After our intros we got right into the business of design. I won’t ruin for the future attendees who might be reading this but all of my questions were answered. The environment was one were any question could be asked. In fact, Mia rented out the space for longer than the stated duration of the class in case the workshop went over and we still had questions.

    At the end of the workshop we all left with really well branded boxes from sponsors.

    I left feeling like I had all the information I needed to take the next steps in my business. (Literally, because the steps are in the book we all got).

    I felt as though a mental blockage was lifted because sometimes in business you just need that extra push whether it be a class, conference or coaching.

    As a result of this workshop I have already:
    -started to plan out the re-design/re-launch of my website
    -figured out what my niche is
    -developed more confidence that I’m going in the right direction
    -Registered my business with the state
    -successfully completed 2 logos in 1/2 the time
    -found a better way to onboard clients
    -started developing ideas for passive income for my personal business.

Overall takeaway:

If you have the means to INVEST in yourself — DO IT! It’s so much easier to get the information you need in one place from a trusted and experience professional. It’s easy to put things off or say next year but you really don’t know what next year will hold. Take yourself seriously and put your money where your mouth is because self investment always pays off!

If you end up going to the masterclass or you are thinking about it — let’s connect!

I hope my review encourages people to take a leap of faith because it is so worth it!

If you are interested in the The Design Academy you can find the information here.

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