5 Simple Things I've Learned That Increase Social Media Engagement

I’m realizing more & more that the success of my business is solely my responsibility. Clients won’t come to me just because I exist, people won’t come to my yoga class just because they were told one time that I’m a yoga teacher, people won’t buy things I sell if I advertise only once and I stop.

I am in charge of the smaller details of my business. I am the designer + the marketer + the promoter + the researcher all in one.

I’ve reflected on some things I’ve learned this year that have gotten me a lot of engagement. Some of these things I’m still working on as they are truly the recipes to success when done consistently.

I’m sharing them in hopes that they help your business out as well. I think all of these tips go across the board as I use them as a yoga teacher and a creative person who sells things I design.

  1. Be consistent

    1. Being consistent has been hard for me as far as marketing because honestly, sometimes my posts don’t get the engagement that I’m seeking aka LIKES! I’ll try my best to make something appealing but it doesn’t get the same engagement as say … me in a bikini?!?! What I’ve realized about consistency is that you have to be consistent with what you’re selling because consistency builds trust. Yes, the picture of me in a bathing suit is exciting but it’s not long lasting. Although that type of content may have gotten a lot of likes it didn’t remind anyone of anything that I sell or make that would influence people to want my services. Posting every single day about the item that I’m selling or a class I’m teaching is the key to establishing a solid idea of myself as a business/service provider.

  2. Content is King - Social Media is all about content. Having content for people to consume is what makes one relevant. I noticed that when I have informational content that helped people in someway I got more engagement with my posts. For example: posting a thread on twitter discussing the benefits of a particular posture & including a visual to match.

  3. Keep it Simple: Instead of obsessing over what another person does with their flyers I learned that keeping it simple and keeping the style within the guidelines of what I’d consider ME is the best way to promote myself. Nothing feels more inauthentic than mimicking someone else’s strategy for gaining attention online. Keeping it simple with colors, word choices, pictures give people an idea right away of who I am and what I have to offer.

  4. Be visually appealing: people like visuals that have people in them or cool quotes that mean something to them. It’s why memes are so popular. They have both the visual quality and the written aspect. People like marketing that show people, in particular ME doing or usingwhat I’m talking about more than just a flyer that says “hey, here’s what I’m selling!” This is the main reason this year I want to invest more money into myself as far as photography, my look, and my overall business aeshetic because I swear when people see ME I get a much better response than when they just see a flyer that I put together.

  5. Schedule a day for marketing - Sundays are the days I schedule marketing because I can knock everything out in one day. I can create my marketing material and have it in my arsenal for the week. Sundays are also very chill days and when I create content I feel confident through out the week because I have posts that are working to bring attention to my business.

I hope these tips help! Comment below if these were helpful.

If you’re a business owner what do you think is sound advice that increase social media engagement?

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Blk Love Should Thrive On Our Own Terms

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