To Reach Your Goals Faster, Prioritize.

"If you have more than 3 priorities you don't have any." - Jim Collins


This quote immediately prompted me to think about what my priorities are specifically in regards to design and freelancing.

Yes, I have general goals for the direction I desire to go in but on microcosmic level what are my priorities? Do they match up with my overall goals? & more importantly are these goals written out for me to conceptualize?

There is so much information, so many opportunities and so many directions to go in that can often lead to procrastination or taking on too much that has nothing to do with my direction. Prioritizing what my goals are puts a halt on the self sabotage that can easily happen via overthinking or wasting time.

Not everything matters or deserves to be paid attention to. Prioritizing will reveal what those things are.

Here are a few of the simple questions I'm reflecting on this week to help assess what matters the most:

  • What are my 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year goals?
  • Will this goal affect me in 10 years?
  • Which goals energize me and which drain me? Why?
  • Which goals are not urgent?


Prioritizing is giving myself a roadmap.

This week I am challenging myself to prioritize.

Affirmation: I prioritize what pushes me in the direction of my goals.



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