Time + Social Media for Freelancing

Time is Precious

It’s interesting to think about the fact that time doesn’t stop. I frequently have to pull myself into the present moment because I project myself into future moments, alot. [Shoutout to my yoga practice for keeping me aware of myself.]

I think about how many great experiences I’ve had and how often I wish to revisit them. I try to spend really happy moments noticing everything, so that when I relive the moment in the future I can still feel it vividly. However, memories are only memories and the present moment is all that I have in the sense that it is the only thing that is tangible. Now that I am solely freelancing I am more aware of the way I spend my time because I feel like there is more responsibility. Wait, no I don’t feel like there is.. There IS. I’ve wasted many a days not using my time properly and as a result fumbled the bag. I’ve learned that freedom actually comes with a price. Having my free will unrestricted means that I also need to have discipline.

The thing about freedom is: I can do anything I want at any time - but should I?
The answer is no. A big, capital, bold ‘NO’.

Social Media for Freelancing

I want to break my addiction to social media and it’s probably not that hard. I just need to get into the habit of it as with anything I aspire to do. My goal is to plan content out to be posted on schedule and check my phone morning and afternoon with a timer so I don’t look up and an entire hour has gone by. I know that I’m a freelancer but I aspire to be a digitally conscious freelancer and not burn myself out or cloud my mind with shit that has nothing to do with me. I really want to start treating social media as a business tool rather than a leisure item. And so it is. Let’s get it.